Rainbow Over the East Side

My cousin visited me from Seattle today

it’s been 3 years since we met last

we went to Vietnam together

he as a returning soldier

me as an adventurer and business person.

We had coffee and talked at my regular

restaurant on third avenue and east 33rd.

Our eyes took comfort in each others.

We caught up since Vietnam.

Much had changed

much had remained the same

most had changed.

The coffee was good and strong

and we talked shallow and deep

mostly deep and towards the end

our souls are not hidden from each other.

That would not be possible.


We left into the cover of light rain.

Michael went towards Park Avenue

to catch the uptown 6 train and I

just walked around the corner and home.


We hugged on the corner of 32nd

and 3rd then he said “I love you” and

I said that ” I love you too”.


We planned to meet again tomorrow

to bum around the streets on Manhattan.


I had to adjust to being alone in my apartment

on the 11th floor after this so I went out

on the terrace just as the rain got thicker

and webs of lightening threatened the Chrysler building.


Rain looks different from the 11th floor as it

does from the ground. You see it falling from above

as contrast against an array of colored brick and glass.

Today’s late day rain was light and steady and never

reached the “down pour” state. As Looked up

it was gentle and soft, more like small snow flakes than

rain droplets; motherly sprayed like a baby’s first shower.


A few more electric shots and a mix of every kind of cloud.

A strange mishmosh of weather. To the west the clouds

broke and sun projected an island wide rainbow against

the dark cloud screen to the east, over the river.


The treat of colors shown for just minutes before

the sun retreated and then the grey clouds were just

a blank screen again.


I remained to watch the end of the show after the climax

hoping that another miracle over manhattan might occur

but was content to see the hole thing blow over.


But I did see the nights of the Chrysler building flip on

like the light after a dark movie end in a theater.

Now the sky is blue and the sun is setting.

My cousin will be here tomorrow morning.

 ©2016 Michael Domino



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